#DNForum .com has been listed for sale on #Sedo

Shocking news of the day: DNForum.com has been listed for sale on the Sedo marketplace, with a $25,000 dollar BIN price.

The oldest active domain forum was functioning until yesterday, with ongoing domain sales threads and an emphasis on cryptocurrency and marijuana domains.

We have reached out to the owners to find out what exactly led them to make this decision.

For now, the WHOIS information for DNForum.com shows that the nameservers have been altered to Sedo’s today.

DNForum.com was acquired a little over a year ago by partners Kevin Faler and George Verdugo, who bought it from Adam Dicker.

Update: The price has been increased to $35,000 dollars.

Update #2: The forum has been removed from Sedo.

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4 Responses to “#DNForum .com has been listed for sale on #Sedo”
  1. Ralph says:

    It looks to be Adam Dickers account from the few details sedo gives account of 2003 reg’d out of Canada

    Maybe A D lost a lot of money on that crypto sure bet he gave out, it is down 50% since he mentioned it

  2. Nivens McTwisp says:

    The link directed me to a $35k ask.

    Not 100% sure what forum the below link is talking about, or if this sale is realted but…


  3. DomainGang says:

    Update #2: The forum has been removed from Sedo.

    I have confirmed that it’s for sale though, to be sold via private channels. Awaiting more news tomorrow.

  4. Ralph says:

    Rumblings from John the moderator that he got stiffed out of payment, and when he confronted them they banned him.

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