Adam Dicker’s #crypto of choice revealed

Adam Dicker

A few days ago, Adam Dicker hinted on Twitter of a cryptocurrency that’d make it big.

Alt-coins, such as Ripple, have dominated the news in recent months, and despite a recent massive correction of crypto, things are back on track.

It seems that Adam Dicker, who in recent months has been quiet about the domain scandal that broke out in 2015, revealed his crypto of choice: BTCZ.

Said Dicker:

“Crypto is where domains were 20 years ago. Learn about crypto now. Much more info to follow. Watch btcz, will take off from pennies to dollars in a month.”

The BTCZ alt-coin has a market capitalization of $12 million and a price per coin of $0.01308 dollars. Pretty much, it’s a penny alt-coin.

Just like penny stocks, penny alt-coins rely on investor speculation and often need a collective “pump” effort. Once they reach a certain volume, a massive sale ensues, called the “dump.”

We would not hold our breath over BTCZ, which calls itself the “true Bitcoin 2.0” and was formed in late December of 2017.

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