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Adam Dicker hints of upcoming #crypto ventures in new tweet

Adam Dicker

Adam Dicker, who recently made the news in an ESPN coverage about the domain Rams.com, is apparently tapping the cryptocurrency market.

In a rare departure from football-related tweets, Adam Dicker hinted of something that he’s working on:

“I have a the next big cryptocurrency that will skyrocket. Cost pennies at the moment. Will announce soon.”

Whether that was a reference to inside information on yet another alt-coin, or about launching his own “domainer coin” we aren’t sure.

Shrouded by controversy in recent years, Adam Dicker withdrew from domainer life after selling DNForum and dealing with a barrage of fiery accusations that may or may not have been settled.

Would you take Adam Dicker’s investment advice on a cryptocurrency?

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10 Responses to “Adam Dicker hints of upcoming #crypto ventures in new tweet”
  1. Anon says:

    LOL, no way. He has not earned anyone’s trust to be worthy of acceptance in either the domain name or cryptocurrency markets. Laughable!

  2. Matt says:

    Huh? I thought this one was satire for sure…

  3. DomainGang says:

    Matt – It’s on AD’s Twitter.

  4. raymond says:

    He invested in early release of altcoins or ICOs…..dirt cheap and will skyrocket thousands times….
    eg XRB RaiBlocks was 0.009 in march 2017, goes up to $28.76 in dec 2017. If you invested $100 of XRB, you earned $319,556 🙂

  5. Jeff says:

    LOL. Another shitcoin. Good luck getting it listed with ever increasing restrictions

  6. Rod Tv says:

    Perhaps a new podcast ……..Crypto Sherpa

  7. RaTHeaD says:

    a shady currency from a shady guy. oh yeah… this is gonna end well.

  8. Anon says:

    I hope he makes a ton of money in cryptos so that he can pay back all of us who he defrauded with bad faith promises of “you’re going to make thousands of dollars a month with my unique SEO and lead generation expertise and capabilities” only to receive horridly incompetent websites or absolutely nothing at all.

  9. Pat Kaehler says:

    I hope his coins have a picture of those adorable puppies …

  10. Doc says:

    Pay back people you owe Dicker.. a thief is a thief

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