Domain bidder Halvarez to be named sniper of the year

Military training paid off for domain sniper Halvarez, who shows off his skills at Snapnames daily

Military training paid off for domain sniper Halvarez, who shows off his skills at Snapnames daily

Los Angeles, California – Google News

If you plan to bid on Snapnames, you’d better be a fast cat playing videogames such as Halo, Counter-Strike or at least, Bejeweled. You will need these sharp, feline-response skills when you enter the realm of last-minute domain bidding.

For the past 4 years, no-one does it better than the illustrious “Halvarez”, a domain sniping god who has amassed the best expired domain names in the drop-catching universe.

On several occasions, frustrated co-bidders who have lost to Halvarez resorted to venting their frustration by questioning the legitimacy of his bids.

“Dude, this Halvarez guy bids on every doggone domain I have on my domain list! Every time I locate a decent name hoping to pre-order it without getting it into an auction, this SOB enters the auction the last minute before cutoff time”, said a domainer from Clermont, FL – while another one exclaimed not so politely his true feelings about Halvarez:

“I’d like to punch Halvarez in the face for making me bid up more than $20,000 this year at Snapnames, out of spite to beat him. He’s a carpet-bombing domain-sniping d*uche!”

So far, Snapnames has responded with short statements that nothing illegal occurs during the pre-auction period and that Halvarez is simply a highly skilled domain professional that takes advantage of an obvious loophole in the pre-order system and fires his salvo away.

Rita Van Hall of Snapnames responded to our inquiry via instant messenger:

“Halvarez is definitely the domain economy stimulus-generator that President Obama would be proud to have as his chief financial adviser. Thanks to Halvarez, more domainers have spent more money bidding on Snapnames than ever, trying to trick and out-smart this outstanding domaining individual that is not – I repeat – is not affiliated with us.”

Halvarez has definitely caught the attention of the crowd and he’s now a candidate for “Domain Sniper of the Year” in the annual domainer awards at TRAFFIC NYC/2009. The award, a statue of a goose laying a golden egg, will be presented at the closing ceremony, when everyone is usually too drunk to respond negatively. The event’s sponsor is Oversee, parent company of Snapnames.

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