Domain brokers with Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts: GTFO!

If you are to be taken seriously as a domain name broker, the single most important offense is related to your email address.

Imagine applying for a job with a random address on a free email provider – applicants such as or would be considered a no-no.

In a similar fashion, domain brokers inquiring – and lowballing – about domain names for sale, should avoid Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts as their main contact.

For example, the following email addresses from domain “brokerage” inquiries always end up being trashed:


The obvious solution: get a domain name, build a web site, and establish your reputation as a domain name broker.

Sadly, even with a live domain name one does not become a domain broker automatically. We receive lots of spam from this asshole at who extracts emails from a reverse WHOIS list. In this case, the phuckstick spammer is not a real broker, particularly when one reads the email sent out:

I am interesting in your below domains name.
If you want to sell these domains, please kindly let me know!

To recap:

A domain name alone, does not make one a broker. They must have a verifiable LinkedIn profile with lots of connections, and if they never went to NamesCon they at least used a real photo as an avatar at NamesCon Online.

Would you trust an anonymous person to buy or sell domains on your behalf? We’d tell them to GTFO.

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