#Domain typo : Subconcious.com sold for a small chunk at #DropCatch

When you type in domain names, make sure you type them right; unless you want to end up at a typographic error, that is.

Subconcious.com, an obvious typo of Subconscious.com, was bid on at DropCatch.

Was the winner, Media Options, aware of its typo qualities?

Most likely.

Still, this typo domain sold for $1,738 dollars, perhaps due to the number of results in Google for this particular format.

There are 429,000 Google results for “subconcious” all while the proper format, “subconscious,” returns 32,000,000 results.

Was the selling price intentional, or a subconscious mistake? 🙂

Subconcious.com is a typo – Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

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2 Responses to “#Domain typo : Subconcious.com sold for a small chunk at #DropCatch”
  1. Nope, wasn’t aware. Fucked up. $1700 down the drain. Seems I have to painfully learn that lesson at least once per year before I forget again.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Andrew – Sorry to hear that 🙁 There’s an app called Grammarly that spams social media often!

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