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DomainTools scheduled “Internet reboot” at 3:00pm Pacific today

Internet reboot.

DomainTools, the popular WHOIS and IP intelligence services provider, issued a fair warning earlier today.

The creators of Iris, a versatile threat assessment and research tool used by forensics companies and government entities, scheduled an Internet reboot.

Almost 4 billion people around the world might go into panic mode, losing Internet access for a few moments.

DomainTools addressed that possibility of global panic in a message:

“At 3:00pm Pacific time today, we’ll be performing maintenance on the Internet, and a reboot will be necessary,” said DomainTools VP of IP Operations, Morgan Freeman.

“Some of you might experience confusion, leading to dizziness, vomiting or even rapid bowel movements from the loss of Internet access,” said Mr. Freeman, adding: “Rest assured, the Internet reboot will be quick and overall painless, but we need to empty the domain caches and restart every IP on the Internet, it’s for your own good.”

If you need assistance due to a loss of Internet access, call your local emergency services provider immediately. Or remain close to a bathroom, just in case the side-effects kick in.

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