Dot .Wine and dot .Vin : High spirits among the gTLD elite

Donuts, Inc. has a couple of reasons to be celebrating with wine this weekend: the successful launch of its dot .Wine and dot .Vin gTLDs.

Even before general availability exited EAP phase, active domain investors such as Michael Berkens rushed to secure meaningful, premium domains.

The opening of the floodgates saw the real potential of these two elite gTLDs manifest, and now we have some numbers to share.

According to domain analytics from ntldstats, there are now 5,393 dot .Wine domains, and 2,399 dot .Vin domains that have been registered.

Wine vineyards, wine producers and wine connoisseurs alike, displayed their enthusiastic support for the perfect keyword+gTLD match.

Cheers! 😀

Dot .Wine and .Vin domains from Donuts, Inc.

Dot .Wine and .Vin domains from Donuts, Inc.


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