Easy Car, Easy.Car and Daniel Negari’s request from Twitter

The joint venture between Uniregistry and the XYZ Registry created the Cars Registry Limited, based in the Cayman Islands.

Managing a triad of high priced gTLDs, the Registry is aimed at the car dealerships and car manufacturers, with dot .Car, dot .Cars and dot .Auto brands.

To put the effect of its domain pricing into perspective, currently, there are 303 .Car domains, 282 .Cars domains, and 333 .Auto domains registered. Each domain costs on average $3,000 dollars to register or renew!

It’s definitely a business plan many domain investors aren’t familiar with, and Daniel Negari, founder of XYZ Registry recently implored Twitter to make the necessary changes, so that .Car and .Auto domain links resolve properly on Twitter. Currently, only .Cars links resolve.

Naturally, Twitter responded positively:


Meanwhile, there might be an issue with the registration of the domain Easy.Car by Chinese speculators.

EasyCar.com is a business venture of British mogul, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of the Easy Group.

The company has been involved in many UDRP filings against domains that contain the “Easy” part, and has won most of them.

Easy Group recently launched Easy Foodstore, offering cheap “no brand” food priced ridiculously low.

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