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FrankieLeaks : Domainfest video with a bunch of domainers!

Domainer Airlines - Frank Schilling's new project.

Domainer Airlines – That one was fiction.

Remember that time we all got aboard a Learjet, after Domainfest ended?

It was so much fun! 😀

The Playboy Mansion was rather entertaining too. Oh yeah, the domain conference was great also.

Heading to Vegas on a private jet, a bunch of great guys. We were not among this fine group, but Frank Schilling shared with us this video, from “back in the day.

We can see Mike Berkens and Merlin Kauffman aboard the private jet.

Anyone else you recognize? 😀

Hope to share more “FrankieLeaks” in the near future! Don’t forget to check out our Fly with Frank feature.

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One Response to “FrankieLeaks : Domainfest video with a bunch of domainers!”
  1. Charley says:

    I think Jeff Gabriel is there

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