#GDDY stock now back to pre-Uniregistry deal levels

The stock market, and NASDQ in particular, is taking a beating currently, and GDDYthe GoDaddy stock – is feeling the burn as well.

Following the announcement that parts of Uniregistry were acquired by GoDaddy, the GDDY stock started to climb.

A few days later GoDaddy announced its quarterly report, and on the following date, transaction volume hit almost 5 million in shares being sold and bought.

On a timeline, GDDY closed at $69.94 dollars a share on February 11th, the day of the deal. It climbed to $78.39 dollars a share on February 14th, which involved the quarterly earnings report. That’s when most investors were probably made aware of the Uniregistry deal.

Since then, GDDY has been on the decline, and it’s currently trading at $69.46 dollars a share.

Note: This information does not constitute investor advice, and it’s not a professional analysis of the performance of GDDY. It’s simply an observation on the dates and numbers.

Here’s a historical data chart for GDDY.

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