GoDaddy drone service delivers domain auth codes!


GoDaddy nano drone sample.

Domain security is a “hot potato” issue these days, as Chinese domain thieves are focusing on major domain portfolio managers.

GoDaddy has announced the availability of an extra layer of security for transferring out domains – using nano drones for delivering the necessary authentication codes.

These nano drones are painted black with no insignia that would compromise the delivery’s safety.

“With a drone delivery of the auth code printed on a piece of paper and no other associated info, we are nearing 100% security for GoDaddy customers that wish to transfer domains out,” said Rocky Fazer, head of the Drone Research department at GoDaddy.

“The delivery coordinates must be an accurate address associated with the GoDaddy account, and the drone beams back geolocation data and other positional info to GoDaddy, ensuring the validity of the delivery,” added Fazer.

Thousands of GoDaddy drones are expected to fly out of Arizona daily, dispatching auth codes to domainers in all 49 continental states.The service will expand to Europe in the coming months.

If you live in Hawaii, pigeons from a local farm are used for the task, so be nice to them.


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  1. Viljami says:

    Hah, the headline gave me the chuckles 🙂

  2. Hire Domains says:

    But I ordered pizza!

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