GoDaddy to carry live bidder feeds on its domain auctions platform!

GoDaddy is upping the heat to its rival domain auction platforms, with the introduction of live bidder feeds. The feature will be introduced in the coming days, according to a statement from GoDaddy:

“Gone are the days of numeric bidder IDs, a live feed of other bidders is how GoDaddy plans to beat the competition, instilling trust and fun among fellow domainers,” said Paul Peters, Domain VP of IDs at GoDaddy.

“We have no doubt that some bidders had experienced strong doubts that all bids at GoDaddy Auctions are legitimate. We plan to change that with our new GoDaddy Live Feeds ™ that will require AI-assisted facial verification, a patent that GoDaddy has applied for,” added Paul Peters.

So how will the upcoming GoDaddy Live Feeds ™ work?

GoDaddy Live Feeds

According to some initial information, all GoDaddy bidders will have to be verified using a live feed that will then be matched against their camera view during bidding. If you intend to bid on GoDaddy Auctions in the future, you will need a streaming camera.

“Some bidders have concerns regarding hats, glasses, or makeup but our AI-assisted system will handle most changes to one’s appearance, unless they wear a hoodie and too much lipstick,” said Paul Peters of GoDaddy, adding: “I think this will be the new standard in domain auctions from now on!”

Get ready for the new GoDaddy Live Feeds pretty soon.

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One Response to “GoDaddy to carry live bidder feeds on its domain auctions platform!”
  1. Keral Patel says:

    Yeah finally some steps being taken to address the auction mess that was ongoing.

    It was heart-breaking to see 3 letter and other great names going for $20 and $50. Because on one hand we paid thousands back in 2005 and same stuff was going for $20 🙁

    Hoping this will bring back some transparency in the game.

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