Greek domainer grabs “365” .TV domain variant with a slice of feta

If you’re Greek, you learn to bid on domains quick.

After the surprising auction of 365.TV at Namejet for $60,000 dollars, Greek domain investor, Bobby Karpouzis, has not given up hope that he will sell his top notch domain, 36514.TV, for considerably more.

Bobby, a direct descendant of Archimedes per his Yaya‘s bed time stories, registered the domain name in 2004, during the Athens 2004 Olympic games.

According to Bobby:

“Everybody knows there are 365 1/4 days in a year, so it seemed only fitting to register 36514.TV you know? It’s the best domain related to the number of days in a year!”

The science behind leap year calendars actually supports his claim, according to

In 2004, was available, but Bobby Karpouzis knew dot .TV would be big some day.

In the meantime, Bobby Karpouzis has hired a domain broker, and will soon be in contact with the Chinese buyer of 365.TV to see if a deal can be ironed out.

“Chinese investor listen to me, this is an one in a lifetime deal. Let’s do some business, bro, if you see my post email me or reach me at QQ – xie xie ni!”

Good luck to Bobby Karpouzis and his excellent domain name, 36514.TV.

Hat tip: Dale G.

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  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Even my butler wouldn’t buy that name

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