Has 2017 been a good year for investors of Bitcoin domains?


Bitcoin continues to increase in value, and it’s the most popular cryptocurrency among domain investors.

Investing in BTC does not require investing in “Bitcoin domains” but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Drew Rosener is extremely supportive of Bitcoin and cryptos, and invests in BTC domains as well.

Domain investor, Nick Spanos, has been focusing on education about BTC and cryptocurrencies.

Has 2017 been a good year for investing in Bitcoin domain names?

To see what is going on, we resorted to domain sales figures from NameBio, as it covers most active domain marketplaces, and even private sales that were made public.

There have been 80 recorded sales of domains that contain the word “Bitcoin” ranging from $100 to $48,888 dollars, between January 1st, 2017 and August 30th, 2017:

bitcoincirculation.com 505 USD
bitcoins4trade.com 200 USD
mybitcoinwallet.com 7,700 USD
bitcoinminers.com 3,500 USD
bitcoindy.com 561 USD
firstbitcoin.com 500 USD
bitcoinfamily.com 259 USD
bitcoinews.com 242 USD
bitcoin.global 9,440 USD
bitcoinexchange.co.in 210 USD
bitcoincasino.io 1,084 USD
bitcoinplatform.com 500 USD
investbitcoincash.net 175 USD
bitcoins4trade.com 155 USD
bitcoin-casino.de 1,000 USD
bitcointip.com 299 USD
bitcoinboard.com 295 USD
bitcoinlasvegas.casino 100 USD
bitcointechnology.com 2,110 USD
bitcoincash.io 1,000 USD
bitcoinpaper.com 415 USD
bitcoinworld.org 637 USD
freebitcoin.net 850 USD
atmbitcoin.com 455 USD
bitcoinchat.com 1,303 USD
bitcoinwolf.com 105 USD
bitcoinvault.org 1,275 USD
bitcoinsafe.org 116 USD
bitcoinsocial.com 800 USD
bitcoinsafety.com 159 USD
bitcoinrocket.com 100 USD
bitcoinexpo.com 1,099 USD
bitcoincreator.com 126 USD
bitcoin.blog 2,999 USD
bitcoincash.org 48,888 USD
bitcoinnetworks.com 190 USD
bitcoinproject.com 435 USD
bitcoinsaver.com 342 USD
bitcoinbull.com 302 USD
cashinbitcoins.com 216 USD
bitcointime.com 114 USD
bitcoinofficial.com 227 USD
onlinebitcoin.com 2,342 USD
shopwithbitcoin.com 404 USD
bitcoins.co 10,000 USD
bitcoinclaimer.com 1,280 USD
guideforbitcoin.com 200 USD
firstbitcoin.com 121 USD
bitcoinary.com 117 USD
tradebitcoinsonline.com 100 USD
bitcoinconversion.com 225 USD
bitcoinpricenow.com 510 USD
bitcoinfees.com 403 USD
bitcoinbusiness.com 365 USD
bitcoinbase.com 276 USD
okbitcoin.com 180 USD
bitcoinbuysell.com 495 USD
bitcoinco.com 112 USD
bitcoinsstar.com 200 USD
bitcoinforest.com 104 USD
bestbitcoinwallets.com 240 USD
bitcoinbestbuy.com 231 USD
bitcoinzebra.com 3,004 USD
bitcoinminer.net 110 USD
bitcoinraccoon.com 200 USD
getbitcoinwallet.com 150 USD
bitcoinexchangeguide.com 355 USD
bitcointrader.io 135 USD
bitcoinsareme.com 106 USD
bitcoinstrade.com 160 USD
bitcoincalculator.com 2,500 USD
bitcoinr.com 7,500 USD
bitcoinr.net 2,500 USD
bitcoinu.com 3,500 USD
bitcoinweb.com 100 USD
bitcoingem.com 305 USD
bitcoin.casino 28,000 USD
bitcoin.blog 5,555 USD
bitcoincash.com 541 USD
sellbitcoin.com 6,000 USD

We ran the lot through some complex mathematical formulas (not really) and came up with the following stats:

Mean: $2,120.17 dollars
Median: $348.5 dollars
Sum: $169,614 dollars

That means that on average, Bitcoin domains sold for a little bit over $2,120 dollars but the median is considerably lower at $348 – e.g. more sales occurred around that range.

Whether you are a Bitcoin investor, or a Bitcoin domain investor, these figures will hopefully help you decide what to continue investing in.

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One Response to “Has 2017 been a good year for investors of Bitcoin domains?”
  1. Nice to see that bitcoins.co was sold for $10,000. I an selling Bitcoinmarket.co, same tld. Great price though.. 🙂

    – Jan

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