HeyWork.com: Domain sale revealed on the heels of Somewhere.com announcement

Support Shepherd ditched their matching domain, SupportShepherd.com, acquiring Somewhere.com for $400,000 dollars.

It was an exciting discovery by Elliot, who often shares such domain rebranding instances on Embrace.com.

Somewhere CEO, Nick Huber, is a seasoned entrepreneur behind such brands as Bolt Storage, RE Cost Seg, Titan Risk, BoldSEO, AdRhino, WebRun, RecruitJet, and Spidexx.

We’d personally applaud Nick Huber for having the stomach to transition from a great two-word descriptive domain name that ranks #1 in Google, to a great generic keyword .com that will take quite the effort to rank.

For starters, “Somewhere” top results include a 2010 movie and a 1985 song by Barbra Streisand; it’s the same challenge that Squadhelp’s transition to Atom.com is facing currently.

That was the big news of the day but the real gem was hidden in the responses left in the Twitter exchange, as another transaction was unveiled.

Jan Goehmann, founder of HeyWork, shared that his acquisition of the domain HeyWork.com cost $4,000 dollars. The domain was acquired from HugeDomains in 2022, per our research.

The fun part: HeyWork.com tops the search results for HeyWork in Google, as two-word .com domains often rank very wellβ€”much better than ultra generic domains.

Acquired at a fraction of the Somewhere.com cost, HeyWork.com is a great two word .com that serves its intended purpose and brand very well.

HeyWork.com wasn’t acquired for $400,000 dollars.

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