IMO this matching .com #domain is never going to be developed

IMO stands for “in my opinion” and the popular acronym would be the best bet for the matching domain name,

Currently, the web site at, a domain registered in 1995, says that it’s “under construction” and asks visitors to check back at a “later time.”

The real problem is that this has been going on since at least 2007, when the lander on indicated the domain is for sale and perfect for a service “in memory of.”

And this is the sad truth with many, MANY domain names today: their registrants are not developers, and have no direction or inclination to utilize the domains as a meaningful service. Many investors buy a domain name on a pipe dream idea, based on the potential use of the keyword, or on the most popular meaning of an acronym domain name. Once the initial rush of getting the domain passes, nothing gets built on the domain.

In my opinion, is never going to be developed, but will continue to be under construction or be perpetually sold to other domain investors. in 2007

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