InterNetX implements DigiCert S/MIME Premium for its corporate email

For companies such as InterNetX, security is a top priority since moving the entire corporate infrastructure to home-based facilities.

Our premium sponsor notified us that InterNetX is now using S/MIME certificates from DigiCert to encrypt and sign all internal and external business communications.

With corporate phishing attempts on the rise, it’s the only secure way to ensure that email is encrypted and to validate its source.

Here’s the full press release from InterNetX:

InterNetX implements DigiCert S/MIME Premium

(Regensburg, Germany, March 15, 2021) – Altogether, the email clients used by InterNetX employees, the issue tracking system (ITS) and email marketing software send several thousand messages via email every day, that may contain confidential information and sensitive data. In order to ensure that emails are signed and encrypted, InterNetX has decided to protect its entire email communication with DigiCert Premium S/MIME certificates.

The system emails sent by AutoDNS and ISAC have also been equipped with S/MIME, which uses an email signature to verify that InterNetX is the true sender. Emails from InterNetX display a visual signature in the email header which immediately helps recipients to distinguish them from potential phishing emails.

Once a S/MIME certificate has been implemented, users can easily sign or encrypt their emails with a simple click. This procedure can also be standardized so that all emails sent by the user with that certificate are signed and encrypted and no further action by the user is required. In doing so, the sender ensures that sensitive documents like offers, contracts and invoices remain encrypted even if they are stolen and attackers are not able to decrypt the documents. With S/MIME, the recipient can conclusively identify the person as well as the company sending the email.

Personal data is often sent via email. According to Art. 32 “Security of processing” of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies are required to implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect this data. This makes the implementation of S/MIME certificates an indispensable part of securing email communication for companies.

DigiCert is the worldwide leader of highly-secure digital certificates and a long-standing partner of the German internet provider, InterNetX.

“By offering S/MIME certificates from DigiCert for signing and encrypting emails, InternetX is providing a great example to the industry of a best practice which will see increased use in the coming years. S/MIME provides confidentiality, integrity and authentication to combat phishing and fraud on the internet”, says Dean Coclin, Senior Director of Business Development at DigiCert.

On the introduction of email encryption throughout the company, Manuel Pühl, CTO at InterNetX, says:

“Phishing attacks increased by over 120 % in the third quarter of 2020 and are becoming increasingly professional. It should be the objective of every company these days to secure email traffic at all relevant points using S/MIME and to close the gateways for phishing or information theft.”

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