Is #CornHub .com really worth $365,000 dollars?

Sounds like a corny joke, but it isn’t: The domain is listed for sale, with a $365,000 dollar price tag.

Registered in 2013, the domain is parked at a “for sale lander” with the aforementioned price. There is no explanation about its high valuation, so we had to research further.

According to Alexa, commands an impressive amount of traffic, mostly type-ins and Google searches.

What is driving the “CornHub” type ins?

Apparently, on April Fool’s 2016, adult content provider, PornHub, pulled a prank, rebranding itself as “CornHub” – full with safe imagery of corn heads posing as human bodies, as seen in the capture below:

The domain was never displaying any of this content, opting instead to redirect to Yahoo! searches of “CornHub.”

Still, the asking price for the domain seems to be over the top – unless you plan to brand and sell some popcorn using the “CornHub” name. 😀

Kudos: Dale.

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3 Responses to “Is #CornHub .com really worth $365,000 dollars?”
  1. CornStar says:


  2. Dex says:

    Meanwhile, they completely leave out the part about actually being used as a parody of pornhub. It’s $445,000 now btw. And I find it extremely dumb that they price the domain so high because it was originally intended to be a joke site and unprofitable and no one in their right mind would ever pay half a million dollars for a non-profitable domain.

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