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Is #GoDaddy going after Frank Schilling’s UNR next?


GoDaddy announced the acquisition of the .Club, .Design, and MMX registries today, a deal that places the top registrar in the world at the helm of 240 TLDs.

Like a modern Cronus, GoDaddy swallowed the three registries and any speculation on the numbers involved might be revealed in next quarter’s financial statements – but not the one taking place on May 5th.

Some are now speculating that Frank Schilling’s UNR might be next. The 25 TLDs operated by UNR, are up for auction on April 21st.

GoDaddy had the opportunity to acquire them when Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio and Uniregistry were acquired a little over a year ago. Perhaps neither the time or the price were right then, and GoDaddy might take a stab at them in a public auction.

And an interesting observation about the GoDaddy stock today:

Today’s announcement about the acquisition of MMX and .Club hit the PR wire at 4:30pm, after the financial markets closed. Between 3:00pm and 3:15pm stock activity at the NYSE sent the otherwise flat for the day GDDY stock dipping down from $83.65 per share. It closed at $82.99 per share, with a large chunk of stock being bought right after closing at 4:00pm. Could it be a coincidence?

Note: We currently hold a small position in GDDY stock. This note does not constitute investment advice or investment recommendation nor does it constitute an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell shares or units in any of the investment funds or other financial instruments described in this article.

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