KAU.com : Say hello to the youngest three letter .com #domain in the world!

LLL .com domains.

Miracles do happen, and KAU.com is the youngest LLL .com in the known cosmos!

An unfortunate failure to renew KAU.com by its previous Japanese registrant, took this three letter .com domain through the expiration and drop cycle.

Originally registered in 1996, KAU.com was registered at Melbourne IT before it dropped. DropCatch caught it, and the domain KAU.com is now in auction, with several bids in place.

The current highest bidder at DropCatch, easydomain, is willing to spend $44,494 dollars for KAU.com. The ongoing bidding war will most likely send this new LLL .com to the high $60k range, if not higher. There are more than 2 full days until the end of the ongoing auction.

So who owned the domain KAU.com in the past?

According to our research, it was Sakurai Sekiyu at some point, a Japanese energy company formed in 1960. KAU.com is now bearing a registration date of October 25, 2020.

In the early 2000’s, KAU.com looked like an Internet services provider in Japan, according to Archive.org.

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  1. DomainGang says:

    Update: KAU.com is at $75,050 currently with 1 full day to go.

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