Kim Kardashian dazzles domainers at Webfest Global

Kim Kardashianthe popular entrepreneur with dangerous curves – made a surprise entry at Webfest Global 2013 that opened its gates in Santa Monica today.

There was no keynote speech, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, but Kim took the podium regardless, addressing the much surprised attendants.

“I want to thank you all, for being here and for supporting the cause of the Free Water Foundation,” said Kim Kardashian, expertly handling a long, girthy microphone that refused to cooperate, triggering a few uncomfortable laughs during the incident.

“It’s important to know that wonderful people in domains can gather to listen to what I have to say, and I’ve been successful through hard work and personal effort!” exclaimed the uber-celebrity with a smile and a wink. The crowd applauded.

The Free Water Foundation that Kim referred to, is a new initiative, sponsored by the mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg. The Foundation seeks to install potable water fountains at every other block in New York city, so that calorie-crazy New Yorkers will cut down on sodas and other sugar-laden drinks.

Pledging a dollar or more to the Free Water Foundation will help bring obesity and death numbers lower, in the Big Apple and eventually other cities.

Webfest Global continues with more exciting events that domainers eager to take a break from flipping domains and blogging about domain leasing will surely enjoy.

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