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Let them eat Shortcake.com : Is it really tastier than #shortbread?

America is famous for building its cuisine on delicate European dessert recipes, turning them into mountains of caloric indulgence.

French and German, along with Dutch, Italian and Greek desserts have been Americanized with an obsessed focus on sweetness: to the maximum.

No longer faithful to their original recipes, shortbread and shortcake are both delicious for Americans to consume en masse. In the US, one cannot have just one shortbread cookie or just one strawberry shortcake – and you can load them up with whip cream or cheesecake even though it’s not Christmas.

So which one is better tasting?

Who cares – the real question to ask is how many calories per bite do they provide.

The matching domains, Shortbread.com and Shortcake.com have a fun history, so let’s take a look.

Registered in 1996, Shortbread.com is the older of the two, with Shortcake.com bearing a 2002 registration date. The truth is that Shortcake.com was first registered in 1998 but dropped.

Shortbread is taken in 8 TLDs and gTLDs:


Meanwhile, shortcake is registered in 11:


Shortbread.com was actually developed for a while, and in 2008 it showcased Mrs. Morrison’s Authentic Scottish Shortbread.

Meanwhile, Shortcake.com was never developed, and it’s currently for sale. The asking price, via Escrow.com, is set at an astounding $183,500 dollars.

That’s 13 times as much as Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire paid to acquire Shortbread.com on GoDaddy: $14,049 dollars.

Is Shortcake.com more valuable than Shortbread.com?

It really depends on what one intends to do with it. Perhaps a producer of shortbread (doesn’t have plural) or of shortcakes (has plural) would spend money to get the matching domains and forward them to their specific brand or recipe.

A domain such as Shortbread.com or even Shortcake.com would also be fit for a brand unrelated to the delicacies they represent. In a similar fashion, Apple.com is not selling apples, but electronic devices and software instead. This type of branding evolves into an arbitrary trademark.

Or perhaps their registrants should just go ahead an share educational videos that show how to make shortbread and shortcake, so that the rest of us domainers can make them at home. 😀

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