#MeToo : Domainer spams company with terrible sexist byline

A domainer spamming a number of companies for the purpose of outbound sales, is in hot waters after delivering a classless intro email.

According to Irish domain professional, Michele Neylon, his team received the following email from domain investor, Rohit Goyal:

“My name is Rohit Goyal and i am also a domainer whose main focus area is outbound. Being active in namepros.com and other forums , i got your reference as a domainer/company who holds big portfolio.

I have a portfolio of Geo/keyword domains available for sale.

I am sure you did be thrilled; like the feminist joining #metoo movement-Just kidding.”

We won’t focus on the poor quality of the email’s syntax, but rather, on the closing byline, that mocks #MeToo, a global movement empowering women.

The Indian domainer’s statement fails at its weak attempt to be funny, and instead stands out as profoundly sexist.

According to Michele Neylon, the email was sent to his team, and his reaction was imminent:

Wow. Just wow. We got an email today from a domainer trying to flog us domains. However what made this stand out was the offensive contents of his email to us.

Here is the opening of his email to us – bear in mind this wasn’t sent to me, but to our sales team, so he had absolutely no idea who was going to open it and read it.

Personally I find it incredibly offensive, but I’m fairly sure that any of my staff who saw it wouldn’t be too happy with it either.

Moral of the story: when you want to peddle your domains, keep it clean.

MeToo movement – Photo by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash

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