Mike Mann drops price of “Princess and the Frog” #domain name

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann, has been discounting his domains recently, and it seems that even Disney would be given a price cut!

We noted how “Princess and the Frog” will be the new name of the Disney ride, Splash Mountain.

Mike has both domain variants: PrincessAndTheFrog.com and ThePrincessAndTheFrog.com.

It seems that while the first domain’s price was lowered from $19,888 to $4,888 dollars, the second one was increased from $2,888 to $4,888 dollars also!

Isn’t this an example of ingenious pricing logic by Mike Mann? 😀

As a side note, when Mike Mann founded BuyDomains.com in 1998, he introduced the “888” pricing across the board, with the goal of providing businesses with premium domain names that help expand their online presence.

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3 Responses to “Mike Mann drops price of “Princess and the Frog” #domain name”
  1. Observer says:

    What indication did Mike Mann have that Disney wouldn’t pay $20k?

    If there was no indication, then this reduction seems unnecessary.

  2. Don W. says:

    Observer, you ever play chess?

  3. Observer says:

    Hey Don,

    Yes I have.

    Why do you ask?

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