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Mike Mann : They are trying to grab my 20 year old #domain Tasty .com

Domain investor, Mike Mann, raised a lot of concern today, about his generic domain name, Tasty.com.

Mike said that he’s owned the domain for 20 years, although it was registered in 2003:

“Buzzfeed has lawyers trying to steal Tasty.com . A dictionary word domain Ive owned for 20 years, prior to their birth. You can guess what I think of these type of ‘people’. Perhaps they crossed the wrong guy.”

Although Tasty.com displays content currently, it was listed for sale for almost $3 million dollars as recently as last year. The sales page for Tasty.com is still active.

Mike Mann’s Tasty.com is one ultra premium domain name, and Mike didn’t mince his words in a follow-up statement:

“Why are premium domains so expensive? Because lawyers and scammers from DC rigged the entire system starting with the ‘waiting list’ stealing customer assets and auctioning them; plus gTLDs is a massive scam, and all this insane UDRP and related scams to take other people’s assets; they tax everyone and everything until it’s almost impossible to afford domains and stay in business. ICANN, Verisign, NSI and all the auction houses are all total scams, taxing and stealing other people’s intellectual property and proclaiming mega-millions in victory.”

Let’s hope nothing funky happens to Tasty.com.

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