MrsJello Rewrites History with $40,300 Acquisition of

MrsJello LLC grabs and a priceless piece of domain history.

It’s no secret that Igal Lichtman, the successful businessman behind numerous technology companies stretching back to 1986 goes by the online moniker “MrsJello LLC“.

According to Wikipedia:

Igal Lichtman was the founder, chairman and CEO of Magic Solutions International, a software company in the field of help desk & asset management, with 300 employees and annual trailing sales over $50M. In 1996 and 1997, Magic Solutions was among INC 500’s fastest growing companies in the US, and in April 1998 was acquired by Network Associates Inc. (NETA) (formerly and currently McAfee Associates) for $110M.

After the sale of Magic Solutions, Igal built and funded a number of high tech start ups including,  and –  the latter being an early entrant into “pay per click” Internet advertising business model.

In 2007, Israel-based Quigo was sold to AOL for a staggering $363 million.

Igal has influenced several successful domainers, including Chris Chena and Ron Jackson, who featured DomainSpa in its very first issue of DNJournal.

I had the pleasure of meeting Igal at TRAFFIC Las Vegas, after having engaged in business with him for almost seven years. Igal’s photos are a rare commodity – but we will exclusively present several photos in further updates of this post.

Greg Ricks and Igal "MrsJello" Lichtman at TRAFFIC Las Vegas

At TRAFFIC Las Vegas, Igal cited former DNForum owner, Greg Ricks, as the “culprit” behind his full-time engagement in domaining.

Greg sold him a portfolio of LLL .com’s which Igal then resold making a great profit – the rest is history, or shall we say, historia.

Igal’s NameJet acquisition of Historia.comSpanish for history – brings yet another great generic into the MrsJello LLC stable of quality domains.

Using his trademark mannerisms, Igal explained to me at TRAFFIC Las Vegas, the secret behind the MrsJello name:

” It’s the first letter of a first name of my wife and kids:

Michal, Rochelle, Sahar, Jason, Erica, Lori and Leeshy.

And… When its all done and explained most people say “Ohhhh!”

Igal bidding $2k on at TRAFFIC Las Vegas.

What makes Igal so successful is his extreme focus to his business, keeping white noise and the usual “parasites” away from his day to day functions.

After my introductory presentation of DomainGang at the podium on the first day of TRAFFIC, Igal had some advice for me:

“To those that like what you do, great. To those that don’t, fuck them.”

And that’s some of the best off-the-cuff advice I’ve received in years.

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12 Responses to “MrsJello Rewrites History with $40,300 Acquisition of”
  1. BullS says:

    “To those that like what you do, great. To those that don’t, fuck them.”

    So how do you “fuck” them?

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    That is the $64,000 question.

  3. Manaures says:

    with “white noise” !

  4. John says:

    fantastic domain! great job by mrsjello, thanks for the information and news.

  5. BullS says:

    That is the $64,000 question.?

    Why $64K ?

  6. Hi Acro,
    Nice article. I trade business with MrsJello (Igal) for many years and never had a chance to meet him in person.


  7. excellent article, really enjoyed that Theo, thanks
    nice to put a face to the legendary Jollo Meister!

  8. Shane says:

    If you make under 100K a year you have to substitute “ignore” for “fuck” because you have to be a multi-millionaire to pull off a solid “fuck ’em”

  9. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Igal is a very nice guy – but don’t be fooled; this former member of the Israeli air force has no tolerance for bullshit 😀

    Coming up – a really fun video with Igal and Mike “Fabulous”, stay tuned.

  10. David says: for just 2k is a steal.

  11. Anunt says:

    I was trying to sell to MrsJello…but he only offered me $26k when my asking price was $200k. This was in 2006. I had no idea MrsJello made millions…i would have asked for a cool million! Anyways, his a very smart guy! Good luck with

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