#NamePros: Credential stuffing attacks on the rise, so change your passwords

NamePros, the largest domain forum, warns its visitors that “credential stuffing” attacks are on the rise. The forum’s operators are advising its members:

If you use the same password on multiple websites, change it now. 

What are credential stuffing attacks anyhow?

According to Wikipedia, credential stuffing is a type of cyberattack where stolen account credentials typically consisting of lists of usernames and/or email addresses and the corresponding passwords are used to gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

The attack is facilitated through large-scale, automated login requests directed against a web application, or web site.

To counter the possibility of becoming the victim of a credential stuffing attack, the solution is simple: don’t reuse the same passwords across multiple applications and web sites.

NamePros has a detailed example with suggestions on password generation principles right here.

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