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New owner of Projects.com comes forward about his domain project!

When the domain name Projects.com dropped, many domain investors could not believe their eyes.

It is extremely rare for a 20 year old gem of this caliber to make it all the way to the domain guillotine, and yet that’s what happened.

As we reported, the domain was caught by SnapNames and its Alethia Domains subsidiary.

During the auction that ensued, the winner did not pay for the domain and the second highest bidder was given the opportunity to acquire it at a lesser price.

We are excited to announce that the new owners of Projects.com are partners Tim Schoon and Yancy Naughton of Namerific, who split the $82,550 price tag down the middle.

Yancy Naughton, third from the left, and Namerific partners.

Yancy Naughton, third from the left, and Namerific partners during NamesCon 2015.

Yancy Naughton told us that this very brandable domain will be placed as a featured domain at Namerific, while setting up a more detailed plan for its future launch.

Congratulations to both domain investors, Yancy Naughton and Tim Schoon, for this exciting opportunity to create a great brand! 😀

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6 Responses to “New owner of Projects.com comes forward about his domain project!”
  1. Wilson says:

    did merlin ever comment on what happened there?

  2. Wilson says:

    also perhaps worth pointing out that arirangcnt was the real second bidder but i guess he wasn’t serious? and also the winner bidder name is toiletmonstr..very funny.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Wilson – Nope, no comments from Merlin, it’s definitely baffling. However, the domain was won fair and square after it dropped and was auctioned off.

    “Toilet monster” has been Tim’s handle for years at DNForum. 🙂

  4. Good luck to Tim Schoon and Yancy Naughton.

  5. Not sure what position we were at the end of the auction, but was disappointed when Tim told me we lost, and very happy when I heard we ended up with the domain anyhow. Not sure why people bid on domains and not buy them, and it makes me trust the process even less. I do not allow shill bidding on our traffic auctions, I wish that the domain auctions were as diligent. When bidders lose faith in the integrity of the auction, whatever the commodity is, the wheels fall off the wagon.

  6. Omar Negron says:

    Great domain name.

    I was actually in this auction in Snapnames…needless to say, I didn’t win. =(

    Congrats though!


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