Merlin Kauffman’s domain, : Where is it now?

Around this time last year, we watched in nail-biting agony as the aged, premium domain did not renew., a 1995 registration, was in the possession of domain investor and entrepreneur, Merlin Kauffman; he inexplicably failed to renew it. In the domain auction that ensued, the winner of failed to submit payment. After […]

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New owner of comes forward about his domain project!

When the domain name dropped, many domain investors could not believe their eyes. It is extremely rare for a 20 year old gem of this caliber to make it all the way to the domain guillotine, and yet that’s what happened. As we reported, the domain was caught by SnapNames and its Alethia Domains […]

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Where is the auction winner?

Late last month, the premium, aged domain name dropped; slipping from the capable hands of domain investor Merlin Kauffman. was subsequently caught by drop-catching veteran service, SnapNames, and was auctioned off. The winning bid, at $87,550 dollars, was placed by user “qursan“, according to Mike Berkens who was in the auction. It’s now […]

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The domain, registered in 1995 was mysteriously allowed to expire and drop. Its former registrant, domain investor Merlin Kauffman and his company, True Magic LLC, owned it since 2008, having acquired it for an undisclosed amount. Somehow, appears to have escaped Kauffman’s group of renewals; the domain was registered with when it […]

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