Where is the Projects.com auction winner?

Late last month, the premium, aged domain name Projects.com dropped; slipping from the capable hands of domain investor Merlin Kauffman.

Projects.com was subsequently caught by drop-catching veteran service, SnapNames, and was auctioned off.


The winning bid, at $87,550 dollars, was placed by user “qursan“, according to Mike Berkens who was in the auction.

It’s now been more than two weeks since the auction ended, and no change in the WHOIS has taken place, an indication that the winning bidder has yet to submit the funds.

If no such payment came through, the domain would most likely be allocated to the next in line; five bidders crossed the $80,000 threshold but any deadbeat bids would have to reduce the amount accordingly.

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2 Responses to “Where is the Projects.com auction winner?”
  1. Victor says:

    Deadbeat biding is a bane to the domaining society. I’ll suggest the auction houses put proper verification in place to curb this menace. Thanks

  2. Hire Domains says:

    Maybe he should have gone for the .xyz instead

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