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Now it’s the worst time to buy #RomaineLettuce .com

If you read the news about the E.coli warnings affecting Romain lettuce, better be serious about it.

One person has died in the US, and several others hospitalized in several states.

Romain lettuce has been kicking the groin of 125 people in 25 states, and the first fatality linked to this lowly veggie occurred in California.

Apparently, millions of Romaine lettuce chunks will have to be sent to the landfill, as a precautionary measure.

This means one thing: this is the worst time to buy RomaineLettuce.com, a domain registered in 2002.

The domain is owned by BuyDomains, that want $3,688 dollars to sell it.

Say what?!

Still, that’s less than your daily hospital bill, should you get infected by consuming tainted Romaine lettuce.

At this rate, we’re predicting its price will drop to three digits soon. On the other hand, eColi.com is parked.

RomaineLettuce.com – Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash


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  1. Data Glasses says:

    I always make my butler taste my food before I consider eating it, if she lives lives I can eat it.

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