: Ancient #domain name (1992) sold by AT&T

Prodigy CD, a domain registered in 1992 to serve as the web presence point of pioneering provider of online services, Prodigy, has been sold.

A former asset of AT&T, Prodigy registered the domain a full 8 years after its business formation in 1984.

In 1994, Prodigy became the first of the early-generation dial-up services to offer full access to the World Wide Web and to offer Web page hosting to its members.

Here’s how looked like in 1996.

The domain name is now displaying a web page with the message “Prodigy Education.” The sale most likely occurred around July 14th, 2020, according to DomainTools. A potential buyer could be the registrants of

Story kudos: Jamie Zoch – dotWeekly.

Update: The buyers of is indeed – the sale was brokered by Media Options.

Said Drew Rosener on Twitter:

Congrats to @ProdigyGame on their amazing acquisition of! Very proud that our team @MediaOptions was able to make this happen. Incredible domain with valuable legacy got into the best possible end user’s hands. #OffTheMarketForever #domainnames

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