Sold by Media Options, applied for trademark registration

The operators of the super-aged domain, have applied for the registration of the matching trademark, PRODIGY.COM. Registered in 1992 as one of the first few commercial domains, changed hands in 2020. Media Options was the broker of the domain name; no other details were made public. The trademark was applied with a date […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : Ancient #domain name (1992) sold by AT&T, a domain registered in 1992 to serve as the web presence point of pioneering provider of online services, Prodigy, has been sold. A former asset of AT&T, Prodigy registered the domain a full 8 years after its business formation in 1984. In 1994, Prodigy became the first of the early-generation dial-up services to offer […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved.