trademark registration application appears to have been made in error

The company that applied to register the mark PRODIGY.COM did not achieve their goal.

At the time, we speculated that in doing so, PostAds Group/PAProdigy was rebranding to Prodigy and All markers on its web site, indicate so, but they definitely don’t operate, a web site operated by

In its refusal to register the mark PRODIGY.COM, the USPTO noted the following issues with the application:

  • Section 2(d) Likelihood of Confusion Refusal
  • Specimen Refused – Does Not Show Use of Mark with Specified Services
  • Refusal – Mark Differs on Drawing and Specimen – Not Material
  • Pro Se Applicant May Wish to Seek Trademark Counsel (Advisory)

In summary, the application was refused after material issues were not addressed since the response by the USPTO in January 2023.

Although the decision can still be petitioned, there is no clear indication how this will be achieved, as it is clear that the domain is not operated by the applicant that seeks the registration of the matching mark!

The USPTO examiner also advised the self-filing applicant to seek the services of a trademark attorney.

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