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Proud “domainer boys” embraced by Septik Domains

Septik Domains, the user-friendly domain management services provider of Septik corporation, will embrace all proud “domainer boys.”

According to a press release sent out to the cloud, Septik does no discriminate: its users span the extreme right to the ultra-far right, and everything in-between.

“What matters is that our customers have money to pay, preferably Bitcoin now that we got dropped by PayBuddy,” said the CEO, Sid Kraken.

“We’re apolitical, believe it or not, and all of you proud domainer boys and girls can partake in our Septik Bux program that is 1:1 convertible to BTC with full anonymity – it’s also tax free if your lawyer’s first name is Rudy,” added Sid Kraken.

According to our research, proud domainer boys is a vociferous clan of domain name investors that support controversial domains that no decent domain registrar would touch with a 25ft pole. Once dropped by registrars such as GoDaddy, they transfer their domains to Septik Domains with zero interference from the registrar.

“Why let the government tell you what to do with your domains? Be proud, bring them to us,” said Sid Kraken, adding: “We are here to stay whether you like it or not.”

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