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Investor Raden Haddock leaves Septik corporation with epic tweet

Raden Haddock, experienced domain investor and COO of Septik corporation, has left the company – via tweet.

The message to Septik’s CEO, Sid Kraken, was heard loud and clear by domain investors who either approved or opposed the move.

Said Haddock:

“Dear friends, I am opposing Sid’s dick move to discriminate against new gTLDs, pushing only for .com. This kind of domain “racism” I will not agree with, after years of being an investor and a conference moderator. Farewell Sid!”

The uproar caused by Raden Haddock’s sudden departure sent tech stocks plummeting; the Dow Jones index fell almost 1,700 points yesterday.

Domain industry blogger, Devyn Smurfy, wrote on his publication DomainShite:

“What the dickens! Two adult domainers behaving like utter twats on twitter – what’s new! Who cares about your grievances, JFC.”

But there’s a positive twist to the story.

After hours of negotiations a mutual agreement was reached to postpone the departure, which required the deletion of the tweet. Indeed, today, Raden Haddock’s tweet was gone, leaving nothing but awkward silence behind.

To make up for the tweet’s deletion, Raden Haddock tweeted the following message:

“I feel nothing but love for Sid Kraken, Septik corporation, and everyone on this planet. I love you all, peace and prosperity should lead us all to nirvana. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it please. Once again, feel my love for you penetrating your soul through my eyes. Peace!”

And that resolved all issues, just like a recent fight between two domain investors that got really nasty – once again, via Twitter.

Raden Haddock leaving Septik corporation

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3 Responses to “Investor Raden Haddock leaves Septik corporation with epic tweet”
  1. “tweet about my leaving”…

    1 day later… ‘I don’t like the publics opinions on this internet thing!’ – *Delete* ‘Oh yea I’m the moderator now!’

    same day…’i’ll just make this new tweet about why I deleted my other tweet’…”WTF?! Public opinion hasn’t changed! Same shit here! I’ll teach em!” *Delete* -‘hahaha! plebs! Waste your time trying to interact with me again. You’ll be ERASED since I don’t agree with you!’

    same day…*remakes the same tweet he just deleted*. – no one posts.

  2. Don W. says:

    Weird, if you remove that ‘S’, you get eptik.com

  3. DomainGang says:

    domaining.lol & Don – Peace and TGIF! 😀

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