Questions and Answers : Frank Schilling, CEO of Uniregistry

Frank Schilling, Uniregistry CEO.

Frank Schilling, Uniregistry CEO.

In the summer, Frank Schilling, who was voted the “Most Influential Person in the Domain Name Industry,” gave an interview to the Internet of Names; a publication of dot .Asia for ICANN.

Despite its Spartan length, the interview provides some great inside about Frank Schilling’s modus operandi in the domain industry, and business in general.

The Cayman Islands businessman explained the foundation behind Uniregistry, the domain registrar that manages his own domains as well:

“I have a dream that names will be easier to use, easier to sell, easier to trade, buy, manage. Registrars at the moment are structured on profit, it’s all up-sell. There is no one to help you use your name. That’s what we are trying to aspire to.”

About the controversial dot .Sucks gTLD, Frank Schilling stated:

“I like dot-sucks. If it’s curated correctly. I like the idea of there being a portal site, protest sites. That was the idea behind all this [the creation of thousands of new top-level domains]; to change the game. “

Regarding the future of gTLDs and the domain market, Schilling foresees large growth over time:

“So I think the namespace is expanding – but not that much. It is expanding just enough to keep up with demand. […] I do think the namespace will expand: from 200 million today to, say, 400 million. But we won’t see the same expansion in number of companies registering; I think more companies will own more names. Some will be redirected but I think businesses will use them to provide a choice.”

For the full interview, view the article, titled “Q&A with Frank Schilling, CEO of Uniregistry.”

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3 Responses to “Questions and Answers : Frank Schilling, CEO of Uniregistry”
  1. Domain Observer says:

    IMO, it will be great for domainers to be able to list/sell their domains registered at Uniregistry with just a few clicks using the Uniregistry’s aftermarket sales platform without any hassle (number restrictions, parking requirements, etc).

  2. DomainGang says:

    Domain Observer – Just open a DNS account and you’ll be able to do just that.

  3. Domain Observer says:

    Thanks a lot. I didn’t know that.

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