Rabbit R1: Hyped gadget gets bad reviews; grabbed domain now worthless

Rabbit R1 is a AI-powered piece of hardware with minimal controls. The gadget was presented as a replacement of your smart phone and is priced at $199 dollars.

Based on the super hyped initial presentation, the Rabbit R1 pre-sold tens of thousands of units before a single one was produced. Eventually it did and then the reviews started coming in about its not-so-stellar performance.

I can’t believe this bunny took my money, said Mashable.

Nothing to see here, said The Verge.

Skip this AI-powered hardware assistant, said Wired.

Rabbit R1 AI box revealed to just be an Android app, said Ars Technica.

You catch my point.

The device isn’t a fraud but it’s far from polished. With that in mind, spending $199 bucks on what looks like a Chinese Christmas toy isn’t exactly what tens of thousands of buyers were hoping for.

On that note, the Chinese registrant of the domain RabbitR1.com is now holding a worthless piece of IP property and the asking price of $2,850 dollars looks ridiculous.

The company operates from the domain Rabbit.tech.

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