RIP : Today is the last day of the Internet

The Internet no more.

The Internet no more.

Today is the very last day of the Internet as we know it.

Back in April, we shared the bad news of how a bunch of scholars want to change the way the Internet is written.

No more capitalization of the first letter, as if it were a lowly network unworthy of praise.

And yet, the Internet – which almost became synonymous with Al Gore’s infamous “Information Superhighway” – liberated entire nations by declaring its core elements, loud and clear: an International Network of Inter-connected computers.

So starting tomorrow, June 1st, the same dictionary-flipping scholars will push for automatic corrections in software and journalistic guidelines, to drop the Internet’s capitalization.

Along with that goes the Internet of Things, the next expansion of the Internet onto devices that did not exist 40, 30 or as little as 20 years ago.

We never thought we’d miss the golden Bill Clinton years of the Internet.

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