Sedo: ccTLD domains support globalization—Upcoming #domain auction

International expansion is a top area of focus for many businesses and individual ventures worldwide. And there’s no better way to demonstrate a strong global presence online than having a website in multiple languages under their respective country code extensions. This is especially impactful in European countries where many ccTLDs are even more popular than .com.

Sedo, our premium sponsor, shared the following press release:

While the market share of ccTLDs is 34% worldwide, it is 61% in Europe. The popularity is thus undisputed. Numerous surveys in the past have repeatedly shown that the population considers its own ccTLD more important and trustworthy than other gTLDs.

With that in mind, Sedo will be hosting a Top ccTLD Keyword Domain Auction May 20-27 and Sedo clients can apply now for the auction with their best keyword domains among the most popular ccTLDs on the aftermarket:, .fr, .nl, .es and .it

These ccTLDs were all part of the Top 10 of the most popular ccTLDs (both on the primary and secondary market) according to the Global Domain Market Report 2021.

Ana Paula Vazquez – Sedo

Ana Paula Vazquez, Team Lead of the Country Manager sales team at Sedo says:

“Internationality is one of our strongest universal benefits at Sedo. Being a German company with .de having such a solid foothold on the Internet, we understand the importance of intercultural competence. Therefore, we seek sales professionals who are both native speakers and know the cultural framework of the respective countries they represent which has enabled us to establish the best long-term relationships with customers worldwide.

Our customers consistently tell us that we identify their needs, meet them and provide them with the right offers, so that users globally feel at home using Sedo and prefer to buy and sell domains with us. Today, Sedo is the most successful marketplace when it comes to selling ccTLDs according to DNJournal’s Top 100 ccTLD list. Domain sellers will increase their chances at getting the highest price for their ccTLD keyword domains by utilizing our premium auction platform.”

Stephen Maisonet – Sedo

With being one of the most successful ccTLDs, let’s hear what Stephen Maisonet, Country Manager for the UK at Sedo, has to say. Stephen started in his role exactly one year ago during the height of the pandemic:

“Normally, per Sedo tradition I would have already met and networked with our UK customers in person at a local Sedo event but this past year has been unconventional to say the least. I do hope I will be able to meet more clients face to face when things get back to normal from the pandemic.”

“The domain market in the UK has existed since the beginning, which is why .Co.Uk/.Uk has become such a strong brand. This is of course fueled by sales like for 237,188 USD. Last year the average price of a .uk domain was $2,235, the median $515. I am therefore very pleased that the TLDs of the UK are also represented in the Top ccTLD Keyword Domain Auction.”

More insight from Stephen on the UK domain market:

Which Domains under .uk will have a good chance to get accepted and to have the highest number of potential buyers?

For the best chance of getting your domain name into the top ccTLD auction and selling to the highest number of potential buyers, your domain names should be under 10 characters long and consist of trending keywords. If you submit a two-word combination, it should be a collocation or combination of words that often go together in conversation.

Based on previous .uk sales, especially keyword domains, which domains will sell?

According to historical .uk sales, domains consisting of keywords relating to gambling have always been winners with sales like for 30,644 USD and for 165,000 USD. Keyword domains relating to e-cigarettes have also flown off the “digital shelf”, producing sales like for 11,096 USD and for 14,644 USD.

What makes a domainer from the UK stand out in the international internet landscape?

Analysts are now forecasting the UK economy will grow 7.8% in 2021. Comparatively, analysts just cut Germany’s 2021 economic growth forecast to 3.7%. More so, the UK trails the US forecast by only .2% after President Joe Biden’s large stimulus package. What does all that mean? Domainers in the UK are uniquely positioned to generate more new consumer demand. And with the official start of Brexit, domains will become more sought after for international companies entering the UK market.

The deadline to apply is May 14th so there’s plenty of time to submit your top ccTLD domains and best of all there’s no application fee.

Here are the specific criteria for domain submissions:

  • The domain name consists of a generic Keyword and one of these TLDs only:, .fr, .nl, .es or .it
  • The language matches the TLD. For example: or
  • The domain is relatively short: ideally one word (two words if it’s a great combo) and is easy to remember
  • The domain is easy to spell and not prone to typographical errors
  • The domain doesn’t violate third party rights (e.g. trademark rights, intellectual property, or other famous names)
  • The reserve price and starting bid is 99 EUR/USD/GBP. Every bid is a sale.

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