#Sedo : Domain sales report | February 13, 2024 — GameGenie.com sold for $65,000 dollars

Sedo domain sales report: Top sale is that of Gamegenie.com that sold for $65,000 dollars.

Welcome to the latest domain sales report by Sedo; this time we cover the week ending on February 13, 2024. This information has been provided by Sedo.com, kind sponsors of DomainGang.

The Sedo marketplace sells great domains 24/7 providing a great service.

This report contains 4 domains sold at five figures, as seen below – dot .com only:

gamegenie.com 65000 USD
freewebsites.com 30500 USD
aiassistants.com 15000 USD
razom.com 10000 USD

Sales prices are listed in USD and also in EUR or GBP, but are converted in USD for ranking purposes.

Sedo Weekly Sales Report

Sedo Weekly Sales Report

Further down the list, some solid sales of .com domain names, for amounts between $2,000 dollars and $9,999 dollars:

indutrax.com 9995 USD
traveldreams.com 8800 USD
z47.com 8000 USD
roltex.com 7300 USD
lgmanagement.com 5900 USD
teachmate.com 5750 USD
ferr.com 5100 EUR
mpga.com 5000 EUR
moneyfund.com 5000 USD
taskbots.com 4960 USD
ritelok.com 4800 USD
gridrunner.com 4000 EUR
alltheartists.com 4000 EUR
swor.com 3724 USD
motowings.com 3600 USD
usbettingapps.com 3000 USD
kwol.com 3000 USD
administracionclara.com 3000 USD
cityofbell.com 2999 USD
farnesi.com 2750 EUR
admk.com 2500 USD
ctrchicken.com 2500 USD
outermind.com 2500 USD
safone.com 2200 USD
brownmedia.com 2000 USD
autonomics.com 2000 USD
romancasino.com 2000 USD

This week’s Sedo sales report continues with reported ccTLD sales, with 1 domain sold in the five figure range:

reiseversicherung.at 12600 EUR
yago.in 5500 USD
wondersmile.de 4750 EUR
globex.co 4375 USD
grillpfannen.de 2990 EUR
smartprocure.de 2950 EUR
sawstop.eu 2900 EUR
kehrwieder.de 2900 EUR
versicherungsguru.de 2750 EUR
mypadel.de 2750 EUR
punktekonto.de 2650 EUR
family.cl 2500 EUR
meinheizkoerper.de 2500 EUR
health-cloud.de 2500 EUR
naga.eu 2499 EUR
upsells.de 2499 EUR
natur.es 2200 EUR
imm.es 2000 EUR

Lastly, this week’s domain sales report from Sedo provides sales of other types of TLDs, with 1 domain sold in the five figure range.

aeon.life 14500 EUR
plus.bet 9999 USD
heidi.org 4900 USD
hdc.net 3750 USD
yuen.org 3000 USD
pata.group 2500 USD

This concludes this week’s domain sales report from our kind sponsor, Sedo.com.

Statement from Sedo: This public report does not include confidential sales many of which exceed the values of our publicly reported sales. Also, only public sales of 2,000 USD and up are included in this report.

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