Sedo: Top 10 search terms in the past 30 days

With millions of domain names listed at its marketplace, Sedo is constantly visited by businesses and individuals looking to acquire domains.

Many visit directly and then search for particular keywords, while others are redirected from existing domains and perform a search for a similar domain name.

With more than 370 million registered domains globally, almost every imaginable keyword or term has been formulated into a domain name.

Here are the top 10 search terms on Sedo for the past month, and their corresponding Google results:

1. Yoga 2070000000
2. Artshop 3540000000
3. Bet 2220000000
4. Casino 966000000
5. Health 13340000000
6. Internet 20300000000
7. Solar 2130000000
8. Mail 16460000000
9. Pay 13900000000
10. Pvtiste 189000

We have no idea what the heck is “Pvtiste” and why it made it to the list! 🙂

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