#Seinfeld game : Finally masters of your #domain

Seinfeld fans rejoice. There’s a Seinfeld adventure game in the works, a “game about nothing.”

According to the concept presented on the fan site, SeinfeldGame.com, Seinfeld is still an incredibly relevant show, with the show’s streaming rights bought by Netflix for half a billion dollars.

Two programmers, Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon, have created a concept adventure game, and if you ever played the Leisure Suit Larry series of adventure video games in the 80s and 90s, this is even better.

Cosmo Kramer

In the Seinfeld game, you’d get to control one of Jerry, George or Elaine as their stories interweave and overlap with one another, just like the show.

Although this is not a done deal yet, the prospect of it looks fantastic. Can’t believe it’s been almost 22 years since the show ended! 😀

Finally, an opportunity to become masters of your domain!

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