Selling price of premium #domain name was six figures!

Dot com domains matching animals are extremely rare and would be one of them.

The dog has been the top domesticated animal and companion of humans for thousands of years and there’s no doubt that would be a priceless domain asset, on top of being a developed web site and business about dog products.

How much did sell for in the past?

NameBio does not have the selling price, which has been hiding in plain sight for the past 14 years!

According to an article on, serial entrepreneur and domain investor, Alexander “Alex” Tabibi, acquired the domain in 2004, along with his partner and brother, Carlo Tabibi.

The dynamic duo acquired several domain assets of a pet product company, Dog Inc., among which was the premium domain In the process, they formed the company Pets United.

According to the article from 2007, they paid $500,000 dollars for the domain name in 2004.

The sale would be ranked at the #3 spot for 2004 per DNJournal, sharing the spot with the domain

It’s incredible how such unreported sales are out there in the open. The Tabibi brothers acquired,,, and among other animal domains, turning down

Alexander Tabibi operates, a company that has filed for the registration of the matching trademark at the USPTO.

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