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Animal #domains : Bison .com hits #Escrow .com Concierge

Animal domain names are very popular as brands, and even alternate spellings are traded in the aftermarket. Needless to say, that the more common an animal is, the more expensive the matching domain. Domains such as Dog.com, Cat.com, and Pig.com, along with Rooster.com and Rams.com have high valuations. There are more “rare” animals, and Bison […]

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#Bee .com : Media Options sells another animal #domain name

Media Options is on a roll, and today announced that they sold yet another domain matching an animal name: Bee.com. Not only it’s a dictionary word, it’s also a three letter domain, if you’re a domain purist. Said Drew Rosener: “We have successfully sold Bee.com ! @MediaOptions is kicking butt! Congrats to buyer & seller!” […]

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Domain jungle : Cats.com, Rams.com and Alligators.com

It’s a domain jungle out there! Animals are popular brands, and the matching .com can fetch a pretty dollar! Not too long ago, domain investor George “Visit Space” Verdugo, acquired Alligators.com for low five figures. The domain is estimated to be worth tens of thousands of dollars more, currently. Last year, Adam Dicker acquired Rams.com […]

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