Animal #domains : Bison .com hits #Escrow .com Concierge


Animal domain names are very popular as brands, and even alternate spellings are traded in the aftermarket.

Needless to say, that the more common an animal is, the more expensive the matching domain.

Domains such as,, and, along with and have high valuations.

There are more “rare” animals, and Bison is one of them; the matching .com,, has recently entered the Concierge process.

Currently, the lander displays a “coming soon” message, with no indication of who the new owners might be. Concierge is a domain holding service, with buyers funding their acquisition in agreed upon installments.

A quick search on related domains returns Bison Inc. as a potential buyer. The company produces sports equipment, with a focus on basketball. has been sold – Photo by Eric Murray on Unsplash

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