Sergei Putanov: I would not even spend $100 for

Russian domainer and billionaire, Sergei Putanov

Almost a year ago, we talked about Russian billionaire domainer Sergei Putanov and his plans to build Dubai-Florida.

At that time, Sergei Putanov explained how he would not spend $900,000 on the domain name

Surprisingly, the domain was just sold on for a mere $98.

Sergei Putanov contacted us with a statement:

“I stand by what said May last year. Domains dime a dozen, business building better and important. I laugh hard with original offer, seller was drunk to ask $900,000 for domain. Now I used proxy bidder for $98 and that’s a savings of $899,902. Spasibo balshoye, Bido!”

While we could not confirm that Sergei Putanov was indeed the high bidder, as Bido respects the private data of its bidders, we can assure you that Sergei Putanov – a self-made billionaire and domain entrepreneur – is a respectable man in Russian elite circles.

In August of last year, Sergei Putanov discussed domain development strategies in Russia, giving domainers an important piece of his entrepreneurial mind.

Lastly, in December of 2010 Sergei Putanov was announced as the primary investor behind the newly introduced gTLD Dot .communism – one of the first such approved gTLDs by ICANN.

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5 Responses to “Sergei Putanov: I would not even spend $100 for”
  1. steve says:

    Well I’m glad he finally sold it and made a decent profit.
    The funny thing is if this story went viral or such the domain would then become valuable.

    It is a very memorable domain and worth $500 to $1000 imo.
    So if someone did actually buy it they got a good deal.

  2. Alistair says:

    Well I bought this domain at Bido and am awaiting the transfer (we will see if that happens). I didn’t expect to win with a $98 bid but the domain earnings looked interesting and now I am learning about all this history and free PR.

    I have no relationship with Sergei Putanov … so he should revise his statement …

  3. I paid hand registration fees at Godaddy a few years ago for these Dubai-related domains:



  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Steve – Indeed, $98 minus $8 reg fee minus Bido fees sounds like a fantastic ROI. NOT!

    Alistair – Sergei Putanov usually threatens to “break the legs” of those that have a dissenting opinion 😀

    David – How do you say “pigeon shit” in Arabic?

  5. Alistair says:

    Domain was pushed now … but the traffic numbers are minimal and earnings “pigeon shit”

    Well at least its got alot of backlinks and is well aged and if my ‘legs’ hold out maybe Sergei wants to put in a reasonable offer 😀

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