Are negative brands worth anything?

A negative brand is one that has acquired a poor reputation among consumers, often stemming from issues such as subpar product quality, inadequate customer service, or ethical controversies.

Negative brands may face challenges in maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new business due to negative perceptions; Product recalls, scandals, or pricing disputes can contribute to damaging a brand’s image, making it hard for companies to address such concerns and  rebuild trust.

Some negative brands might simply use terms that at first review aren’t marketable. These issues extend to the domains that match the brands and we were surprised to see the domain sell for $828 dollars yesterday in a DropCatch auction.

What would be the purpose or value of

It sounds like a gag joke at first or a literal outdoors toilet. But wait, there’s some hidden value right there!

In British soccer slang, “shit house” refers to a player who engages in unsportsmanlike behavior, such as time-wasting, simulation (diving), or other underhanded tactics to gain an advantage or disrupt the flow of the game. It can also be used to describe a team that plays defensively or relies on physicality rather than skillful play.

So there you go. could be used to share, for example, weekly reviews of soccer matches, identifying the “shit house” players. It’s a brandable domain and we would not be surprised if its Kuwait-based registrant researched its potential thoroughly. 🙂

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