Sold by #GoDaddy : Who bought which #domain from the July 2020 sales list

GoDaddy is back to reporting sales that originated on its platforms. The reports are back-dated and July 2020’s list is four months behind.

The list contains domains that had no underlying NDA, as it happens with most domain marketplaces.

So who bought these domains for five and six figures? Let’s take a look.

  • – Buyer is Fanbase GmbH offering a platform for content monetization, based in Germany. Nice upgrade from a dot .email gTLD.
  • – Buyer is the Z Capital Group, that holds onto $3 billion of assets.
  • – Buyer is a Hong Kong based corporation; no additional information we could find.
  • – Appears to have been acquired by software company Magnifico Inc. based in New York.
  • – Bought by Green Garden Products, a privately owned company based in Norton, Massachusetts, that provides high quality products for the home gardener and outdoor hobbyist.
  • – Flipkart Internet Private Limited appears to have acquired this domain. They use supercoins as their reward system.
  • – Buyer is a Forex trading platform based in St. Vincent. and the Grenadines.
  • – Domain was acquired by Anika Therapeutics, a biomedical joint preservation company that leverages proprietary regenerative and restoration therapies to help people feel better faster and remain active.
  • – Buyer is Therabreath, offering dental and other breath control products. The domain forwards to Amazon.
  • –  Buyer is an education services portal in China.
  • – Buyer is Grid Media LLC, an online publisher offering materials related to education.
  • – The domain was acquired by an unknown entity with a temporary landing page.
  • – The domain was acquired by Raleigh, NC company Triangle Properties & Asset Management.
  • – The domain is parked at Uniregistry; buyer is Legal Brand Domains. The new asking price is now $100,000 dollars.
  • – The domain offers no information about its current owner; a listing has been removed. The registrants of might be a candidate.
  • – Featuring a “coming soon” landing page, this domain offers no information on its current owners.
  • – Buyer appears to be Incomm Payments, most likely for their gift card product.
  • – The domain is still pointing to Afternic with no underlying information we could assign to a buyer.
  • – The buyer is an unknown Chinese entity and the domain does not resolve.
  • – Elements Industrial Storage Ltd appears to be the buyer of this domain that does not resolve currently.
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